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(b.1985) Scottish filmmaker. Based in East Lothian. Specialising in directing and editing. 


My main skills and passion are in directing and editing, although I carry out a varied workload throughout a typical year; some of which includes producing / directing / editing, as well as assuming the role of self shooter/videographer. I'm an intuitive self-shooter, with my own 4K shooting kit. I also love stills photography, in particular street photography.

I have over fifteen years of experience and feel that the variety of the content and roles I undertake provide me with a great understanding of what any specific job requires. I have the ability to see the bigger picture within each individual role and job. I always work to meticulous detail to ensure each project I undertake is delivered to the highest standard possible. I am a compassionate, people person and have the skills to adapt to different situations . Be that filming with people from challenging backgrounds such as the homeless, youngsters in care homes or addicts to VIPs and CEO's of companies.

My short film The Box has won a selection of awards including ‘Best Drama’ and ‘Best Suspense' and screened at festivals worldwide. The film Black Night was  nominated for a BAFTA New Talent Award 2013. My short doc Skip 11 in collaboration with artist Kevin Harman  was nominated for the Scottish Short Doc Award at EIFF 2010.


Editor of the SDI commissioned Bridging the Gap short doc Teeth and BBC commissioned Outlying.
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